Hanna Hats Vintage Patchwork Linen Cap

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About this Piece

Designed in Donegal in the 1960s, this classic cap is made using distinctive linen patchwork, is perfect for warmer climates and is suitable for all genders. Multicolored linen patches in a variety of weaves are sewn together using the age-old tradition of quilting.

Note: Each patchwork cap is uniquely handcrafted, and so will vary from the photographs.

  • Handcrafted in Ireland 
  • Full Bodied   
  • Variations in Colours and Weaves 
  • Stud Fastener on Peak 
  • Suitable for All Genders
  • 100% Linen 
  • Taffeta Lining 
  • Dry Clean Only 

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About the Maker

In 1964, David Hanna Senior transformed his 40 year-old tailoring company into an exclusive hat maker, thus crafting the very first "Hanna Hat" which, due to Hanna's great attention to detail and quality tailoring, took 4.5 hours to produce! Today the business is run by the third generation of the Hanna family, maintaining a great respect for the age-old tradition of bespoke tailoring. From Donegal town on Ireland's northwest coast, Hanna Hats uses the finest local tweeds woven exclusively for them. Every one of their handcrafted hats, caps, and accessories is a lovingly crafted piece of Donegal brought to life.