Turf Cú Chulainn Freestanding Statue:statue

Turf Cú Chulainn Freestanding Statue

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About this Piece

A very beautiful 8″ Freestanding ornament of the Irish mythological hero Cú Chulainn, an ideal gift for anyone with a love for Irish mythology on any occasion. Handmade in Ireland by Island Turf Crafts using 5000 year old turf, cut from some of the oldest Irish boglands.

Height: 8 inches

Weight: 450g

About the Maker

Island Turf Crafts creates stunning ornaments and jewelry carved from excavated Irish turf (also known as peat), a natural resource found mainly in the West of Ireland. Up until the last few decades, turf was commonly dug out of peat bogs and used as fuel, though if you're lucky you may still catch a smell of it burning in the hearths of traditional Irish pubs, providing a cozy buffer against the cold elements outside. 
In rural areas of Ireland the past, each summer entire families and communities (even the children and elderly) would gather at the bogs with their spades to collectively dig up the turf, a laborious but crucial task which provided fuel for the gruelling winters. Though turf is no longer a primary source of fuel in Ireland today, many recall fondly the warmth and comfort it provided when burned in a fireplace, as well as the distinctive smell which never fails to trigger fond memories of roaring fires in traditional Irish cottages and pubs.