St Brigid's Pewter Cross

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About this Piece

According to Irish tradition, having a traditional St Brigid's Cross (or 'Cros Bríde') over an entryway will provide your home protection from harm. This cross is associated with Saint Brigid of Kildare, one of Ireland's most celebrated patron saints, and a pioneering Christian nun (and later abbess). She has become as iconic as St Patrick or the Irish shamrock, with her crosses being found in many Irish homes.

Approx. 8" diameter.

The Legend of St Brigid

Also known as St Bridget, she is Ireland's most famous female saint. Born in 450 AD in County Louth to a pagan chieftan and Christian mother, Brigid was named after the Celtic goddess of Spring, fertility, craft, and poetry. She was inspired by her contemporary St Patrick to follow the Christian path, choosing to devote her life to the poor and needy instead of finding a husband. She even prayed for her beauty to be taken away so no-one would want her hand in marriage. 

She founded many convents and monasteries throughout Ireland, as well as a school for art. She became a folk heroine, with any miracles, relics, and mythical stories associated with her name. Today, making a 'St Brigid's cross' is an Irish custom at the start of Spring on February 1st - St Brigid's Day, traditionally made out of rushes. 

About the Maker

In 1974, Paddy Collins revived the ancient craft of pewter manufacturing in Ireland, establishing his workshop in Mullingar, County Westmeath. Pewter has existed since ancient Egyptian and Roman times (as an alloy of tin mixed mainly with copper and antimony), and came to Ireland 800 years ago, becoming fashionable among the wealthy and for ceremonial purposes. Mullingar Pewter combines traditional handcrafted techniques that take many years to perfect, along with modern advances (modern pewter no longer contains lead, for instance), producing wonderful heritage gifts.