"Seisiún" Irish Music Bronze Sculpture:

"Seisiún" Irish Music Bronze Sculpture

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About this Piece

This intricate handcrafted bronze sculpture celebrates the instruments of a typical Irish céilí music session (or seisiún), as found in countless pubs across the island. The sculpture features the traditional Celtic fiddle as well as the iconic bodhrán drum.

Height: 140mm

About the Maker

Created by Jeanne Rynhart in 1981, Rynhart's bronze sculptures have been captivating people all over the world ever since. Each piece is individually handmade with delicate modelling, before a mold is made and the sculpture is cast in bronze. Finally, the piece is polished and finishing touches are added. 
Today the studio is run by Jeanne's daughter Audrey and her husband Les Elliot, who both manage the company from Glengarriff in West Cork.