Salmon of Knowledge Pendant:
Salmon of Knowledge Pendant:
Salmon of Knowledge Pendant:
Tracy Gilbert

Salmon of Knowledge Pendant

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About this Piece

The Salmon of Knowledge pendant is inspired by the mythological creature that was said to have given the hero Fionn MacCumhaill his legendary wisdom. The salmon chases a wave to form the letter "é" to symbolise Éire (Ireland).

The Legend of the Salmon of Knowledge

This ancient tale is one of Ireland's most iconic myths from the Fenian cycle. It tells the story of a young Fionn McCumhaill, who was living and studying with the wise old poet Finnegas on the banks of the river Boyne. Finnegas spent much of his time fishing, hoping to one day catch the legendary salmon of knowledge, which would award worldly knowledge to the first person who ate it. He kept this secret from Fionn however, hoping to obtain this knowledge for himself. One fine day he caught an extraordinarily beautiful silvery fish, and he knew at once this was the fish of legend. Tired from his struggle to catch it, however, he ordered Fionn to cook it for him. While turning the fish over the fire, Fionn touched the skin and burned his finger, bringing it to his mouth to cool it down. When he later served the fish to Finnegas, the latter noticed something new in Fionn's eyes, as if some deep wisdom had taken hold of him...
Thus began the legend of Fionn McCumhaill, who would go on to become the leader of Na Fianna and Ireland's greatest warrior.

About the Maker

Tracy Gilbert creates jewelry designs that are meticulously hand-crafted in Dublin with love of Irish roots, history & folklore. Tracy enjoys designing & making contemporary pieces of jewelry that capture the essence of Ireland’s Celtic past.
Her use of translucent materials and precious metals is a striking feature of her designs. This feature is Tracy’s attempt to capture the magic of the Winter Solstice sun as it shines through the Newgrange passage tomb to spectacular effect.