Pewter Durrow High Cross

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About this Piece

Add a piece of ancient Ireland into your home with this 7" high replica of the standing high cross of Durrow, crafted in stunning detail out of pewter and stainless steel. The sculpture emulates the famous stone cross of Durrow, which stands at 3.6 metres tall, originally part of a monastery founded by St Colomba in the 6th century in County Offaly. It was engraved with illustrations of Biblical stories (as most people were illiterate at the time), such as Christ at the Last Judgement wielding a sceptre and staff, Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac, Adam and Eve, the Crucifixion, and many more, demonstrating a wonderful synthesis of Celtic and early Christian iconography. 

About the Maker

In 1974, Paddy Collins revived the ancient craft of pewter manufacturing in Ireland, establishing his workshop in Mullingar, County Westmeath. Pewter has existed since ancient Egyptian and Roman times (as an alloy of tin mixed mainly with copper and antimony), and came to Ireland 800 years ago, becoming fashionable among the wealthy and for ceremonial purposes. Mullingar Pewter combines traditional handcrafted techniques that take many years to perfect, along with modern advances (modern pewter no longer contains lead, for instance), producing wonderful heritage gifts.