Mythical Ireland Beaker - Brian Boru

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About this Piece

Add class to your dining table with this beautiful hand crafted pewter beaker that tells a story from ancient mythical Ireland.

This Goblet tells the story of Brian Boru - The 'Lion of Ireland' who was the island's most famous king and is remembered with reverence and pride to this very day. Born in 941 A.D. his warrior skills put on the path to becoming High King. One of his chief goals was the establishment of an all-Irish Navy to help defeat the Vikings. By the time it came to fight them he was too old to wield a sword, but he placed his trust in his two sons whom he had trained in generalship. The Vikings decided to stand their ground at Clontarf in the year 1014 beside their settlement in Dublin where they could embroil their Leinster Allies in the fight to come. Grappling in a close fight, the Irish side gained ground in a mighty hand-to-hand battle. While the battle continued, a soldier spotted King Brian in his tent praying for a great victory. On hearing this the enraged Viking leader Broder attacked Brian with his sword. As old as Brian was, he put up a good fight but unfortunately died on his longed for day of victory. Apart from being a great leader he was a devout Christian, loved art, chess, and the music of the harp.

About the Maker

In 1974, Paddy Collins revived the ancient craft of pewter manufacturing in Ireland, establishing his workshop in Mullingar, County Westmeath. Pewter has existed since ancient Egyptian and Roman times (as an alloy of tin mixed mainly with copper and antimony), and came to Ireland 800 years ago, becoming fashionable among the wealthy and for ceremonial purposes. Mullingar Pewter combines traditional handcrafted techniques that take many years to perfect, along with modern advances (modern pewter no longer contains lead, for instance), producing wonderful heritage gifts.