Mullingar Pewter Mechanical Pocket Watch with Celtic A Design

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About this Watch

A Mullingar Pewter mechanical pocket watch with a traditional Celtic design. This is a stainless steel mechanical gent's watch that makes a bold statement piece. The watch itself is a manual wind-up and the workings can be seen from both the front face and back. The chain is 12" in length and has a pocket clip on the end designed to slip on to the cuff of a pocket. 

As an authentic traditional Irish design handcrafted in the Mullingar Pewter workshop, this would be a perfect handmade Celtic gift for him, or even yourself!


  • Mechanical Pocket Watch
  • 12" chain
  • Handcrafted in Westmeath, Ireland

Ancient Celtic Art

Also known as insular art (from the Latin insula meaning 'island'), Celtic designs were eventually adapted by early Christian artists to adorn their works (most famously with the Book of Kells) and to acclimatize Christianity to the local pagan populations. The most iconic features of Celtic art were the knots, known as icovellavna, which formed stylized patterns for illustration and calligraphy, such as the trinity knot. Spirals and triple-spirals (triskeles) are also a common motif - the latter being related to the importance of the number three in Celtic mythology. As the ancient Celts migrated from Central Europe to Ireland and Britain, the designs likely have a mainland origin - though Christian missionaries from these islands would later help reintroduce the art back to Europe. 

About the Maker

In 1974, Paddy Collins opened his workshop in the town of Mullingar, County Westmeath. It is here in the Irish midlands that Paddy revived the ancient craft of pewter manufacturing in Ireland. Pewter has existed since ancient Egyptian and Roman times (as an alloy of tin mixed mainly with copper and antimony), and came to Ireland 800 years ago, becoming popular among the wealthy and for ceremonial purposes. Mullingar Pewter combines traditional handcrafted techniques that take many years to perfect, along with modern advances, producing wonderful heritage gifts