Mullingar Pewter Mechanical Pocket Watch with Pewter Claddagh Design

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About this Piece

This Mullingar Pewter pocket watch is a mechanical Celtic pocket watch adorned with the Claddagh, one of the most popular Irish symbols for jewelry and giftware. The watch itself is a manual wind-up and the workings can be seen from both the front face and back. The chain is 12" in length and has a pocket clip on the end designed to slip on to the cuff of a pocket.

  • Mechanical Pocket Watch
  • 12" chain
  • Made in Westmeath, Ireland 

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History of the Claddagh

The intricate design is a crowned heart held by two hands. The heart represents love and the hands represent friendship, while the crown stands for loyalty.

In the 1600’s in a fishing village in Galway called The Claddagh, a local Goldsmith created this now famous ring. Legend has it that Richard Joyce became enslaved by Algerian pirates and was sold to a goldsmith. He created the Claddagh ring while in captivity and when he was liberated, it was a chance to bring this lovely design to the world. It is now a beloved symbol of Ireland, known worldwide.

If you wear the right hand with the crown on the bottom, it suggests that the wearer is single and looking for love. If you turn the ring the right way up, with the crown toward the fingertips, it indicates you are in a relationship and your heart belongs to someone. Similarly, if worn on the left ring finger with the crown facing down, it symbolizes that you are engaged. If turned the other way, you are married.


About the Maker

Paddy Collins revived the ancient craft of pewter manufacturing in Ireland in 1974. He opened his workshop in the town of Mullingar, County Westmeath, in the heart of Ireland. Pewter has existed since ancient Egyptian and Roman times and came to Ireland 800 years ago, becoming fashionable among the wealthy and for ceremonial purposes. Mullingar Pewter combines traditional handcrafted techniques that take many years to perfect, along with modern advances, producing wonderful heritage gifts.