Irish Coat of Arms Single Heraldic Shield Wall Plaque 'Crusader' Shape

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Hand Painted Irish Coat of Arms

This is the largest single shield plaque that we have. We call it the crusader model. family. Your Irish Coat of Arms is beautifully hand painted onto copper and mounted onto either a mahogany or oak wooden base. This is a specialist product made by a dedicated team of heraldic artists, who have been applying their craft for over 60 years in Dublin.

Irish names are very tribal. You can be sure that if you are buying this for someone with Irish heritage, they will be so proud of having their name illustrated on their living room wall as a reminder of their origin. It's a lovely gift for any occasion and if you are looking to have a family shield for two people for an authentic Irish wedding gift perhaps the Wedding Day Double Shield is a great option.

As this product is individually crafted of the highest standard, please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.  Once you place your order here, we will get to work.

  • Suitable for wall hanging
  • Comes with inverted wall bracket
  • Dimensions: 12" × 10"
  • Materials: Copper, Gloss Paint, Mahogany/Oak Wood

About the Maker

Traditional coat of arms designs date back to the 12th century, where decorating defensive shields became a useful way of identifying knights in the heat of battle. These insignia were created by officials known as heralds, who also recorded and regulated armorial bearings. Their records were known as blazons. Typically a blazon has three components - arms (the 'flag' part of the image), crest (the design surrounding the flag), and the motto (which often originated as a war cry).