"Hare in the Corn" Pendant

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About this Piece

Ireland has its own distinct species of hare which is believed to have been here since before the last ice age. Such was its importance it was represented on the old threepenny piece.

Hares were admired for strength, speed and were noted for being active at night and relating to the moon. They were believed to be Shapeshifters in Irish mythology and were associated with the Otherworld.

Witches were believed to transform themselves into hares in order to steal milk, often hiding behind sheafs of corn. They were linked with the end of the harvest, with the cutting of the last sheaf known as putting out the Cailleach, or the hare.

This product measures 36mm long and 17mm wide.

About the Maker

Úna O Boyle is a jewelry designer, maker and storyteller who uses her silversmith craft to retell the ancient stories of her Irish and Celtic culture. She is passionate about the mythology and folklore that define her heritage, and after studying anthropology at university is now studying the Irish language too.

Having grown up in Belfast during the turbulent times of the 70s and 80s, Úna often escaped to rural Donegal on Ireland's remote northwest, a rugged area populated with hidden prehistoric megalithic tombs and ancient standing stones. These local relics are enshrouded in legends, from Diarmuid and Grainne’s grave to the 'little people' living under the mountains. Úna continues that tradition by enshrining her jewelry with Celtic and Irish symbolism, ensuring that these ancient stories live on.

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