Handmade St. Bridget's Cross Pendant

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About this Piece

This St. Bridget's Cross is handcrafted with the finest detail and hangs from a heavyweight belcher chain. The 2mm thickness of the cross will ensure it lasts a lifetime. Designed and made in Dublin, Ireland. Hallmarked in the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle and stamped 'Made in Ireland'.

Purchasing the St. Bridget's Cross as a gift? Let your loved one know the meaning behind the design with a complimentary gift card. One page explains the meanings/origins of the St. Bridget's Cross and the other page is blank for you to write your personal message.

Size: Height 22mm, Length 22mm, Depth 2.0mm.

Weight: 12 grams including chain.
Chain length: 16" - 22".

The Legend of St Brigid

Also known as St Bridget, she is Ireland's most famous female saint. Born in 450 AD in County Louth to a pagan chieftan and Christian mother, Brigid was named after the Celtic goddess of Spring, fertility, craft, and poetry. She was inspired by her contemporary St Patrick to follow the Christian path, choosing to devote her life to the poor and needy instead of finding a husband. She even prayed for her beauty to be taken away so no-one would want her hand in marriage.

She founded many convents and monasteries throughout Ireland, as well as a school for art. She became a folk heroine, with any miracles, relics, and mythical stories associated with her name. Today, making a 'St Brigid's cross' is an Irish custom at the start of Spring on February 1st - St Brigid's Day, traditionally made out of rushes.

About the Maker

After over a decade of experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry, Eoghan McGuinness decided it was time to branch off and start his own business, and thus Arnua was born in County Dublin. He distinguished himself by refusing to mass-produce his products, instead handcrafting each piece individually, giving every one the attention and quality of detail it requires. Arnua therefore maintains exceedingly high standard for its products, while McGuinness works with clients to create unique and meaningful custom pieces.

While initially he created custom wedding and engagement rings, McGuinness was also fascinated by ancient Celtic art and the Irish landscape, and so created collections inspired by the Book of Kells, the Claddagh, Ogham writing, and much more.