Handcrafted Personalized Ogham Ring (Polished)

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About this Piece

This Personalized Ogham Ring is inspired by the ancient Ogham alphabet. Each Ogham ring is handcrafted and personalized with your own inscription; your Ogham inscription is added to the domed side, which has a polished finish, while the flat side has a matte finish. The Ogham band is a heavyweight design.

Hallmarked in the Irish Assay office and stamped Made in Ireland.

Accompanied by a gift card, one side explains the meaning of the Ogham whilst the other side is blank, perfect for adding your own personal message if you are purchasing the pendant as a gift.
Your Ogham ring will arrive beautifully presented in a luxury custom jewellery box.

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History of Ogham

Ogham (pronounced 'ohm') was the earliest form of writing in Ireland, existing from the 4th-9th centuries AD. Typically etched into stone or wood, it consists of a series of strokes along a line, where the strokes' quantity, length, and direction determine the letter. Most of the letters correspond to the Roman alphabet, with a few local additions, so in fact it's a translatable cypher rather than a language, read from the bottom-left upwards.

Some historians believe it may have been used as a secret alphabet that Roman Britain wouldn't be able to understand, while others suggest it may have been developed by early Christian communities as a form of shorthand. Most surviving examples are found on stone monuments in southern Ireland, though there are also some inscriptions in the west of Britain too, particularly in Wales.

About the Maker

After over a decade of experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry, Eoghan McGuinness decided it was time to branch off and start his own business, and thus Arnua was born in County Dublin. He distinguished himself by refusing to mass-produce his products, instead handcrafting each piece individually, giving every one the attention and quality of detail it requires. Arnua therefore maintains exceedingly high standard for its products, while McGuinness works with clients to create unique and meaningful custom pieces.

While initially he created custom wedding and engagement rings, McGuinness was also fascinated by ancient Celtic art and the Irish landscape, and so created collections inspired by the Book of Kells, the Claddagh, Ogham writing, and much more.