Growing Home Button Earrings:
Growing Home Button Earrings:
Growing Home Button Earrings:
Growing Home Button Earrings:
Tracy Gilbert

Growing Home Button Earrings

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About this Piece

Anyone whose roots are in Ireland will love this piece which depicts Ireland as a tree with deep, strong and enduring roots. It has withstood hardships but continues to grow and give shelter to new and existing generations.

The Button Collection

The Button Collection has a high polished finish and the recessed areas of Ireland represented as a tree and the Celtic spirals (triskele) have a textured finish to create a nice contrast.

Each piece from the Growing Home Button range is crafted from Sterling Silver and comes with a story card explaining the meaning behind the pieces.

About the Maker

Tracy Gilbert creates jewelry designs that are meticulously hand-crafted in Dublin with love of Irish roots, history & folklore. Tracy enjoys designing & making contemporary pieces of jewelry that capture the essence of Ireland’s Celtic past.
Her use of translucent materials and precious metals is a striking feature of her designs. This feature is Tracy’s attempt to capture the magic of the Winter Solstice sun as it shines through the Newgrange passage tomb to spectacular effect.