Gold Ogham Pendant

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About this Piece

Handmade by expert craftspeople in solid 9k gold. Comes with 18" 9k gold chain.

Choose your style from the list of Irish phrases below:

Slainte – Good Health, Wellness
Sonas – Happiness, Luck
Suaimhneas – Peace, Tranquility (as pictured)
Gaisce – At our best, Achievement
Draiocht – Magic
Saoirse – Liberty, Freedom
Misneach – Courage, Hopefulness
Dochas – Trust, Belief
Beatha – Life, Livelihood
Dathuil – Good looking
Aoibhneas – Bliss, Delighted

History of Ogham

Ogham (pronounced 'ohm') was the earliest form of writing in Ireland, existing from the 4th-9th centuries AD. Typically etched into stone or wood, it consists of a series of strokes along a line, where the strokes' quantity, length, and direction determine the letter. Most of the letters correspond to the Roman alphabet, with a few local additions, so in fact it's a translatable cypher rather than a language, read from the bottom-left upwards.
Some historians believe it may have been used as a secret alphabet that Roman Britain wouldn't be able to understand, while others suggest it may have been developed by early Christian communities as a form of shorthand. Most surviving examples are found on stone monuments in southern Ireland, though there are also some inscriptions in the west of Britain too, particularly in Wales.

About the Maker

For over 40 years, Denis Murphy has honed his skills to become a master jewelry craftsman, running the gamut from personal handcrafting techniques to advanced laser technology which now allows more intricate detail never before possible.

He began his apprenticeship in 1972 and later set up 'Murphy Brothers Jewellers' in Santry, Co. Dublin. Eventually this paved the way to establishing Abana Jewellers in 2005 where he decided to focus primarily on wedding and engagement rings, creating artful personalized that none can compare with.