Children of Lir Brooch

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About this Piece

This piece is inspired by the old Irish legend about four children who were turned into swans for 900 years. The children remained together as swans for the rest of their lives. The two swans entwine to form a heart, symbolising Love & Dedication. One of the swans is textured to give the illusion that one swan lies slightly behind the other in the embrace.

The Children of Lir - Silver Collection

Each piece from the Children of Lir silver collection is delicately crafted from Sterling Silver and comes with a story card explaining the meaning behind the piece. One of the swans is textured to give the illusion that one swan is slightly behind the other in the embrace.

The Legend of the Children of Lir

One of Ireland's most famous tales of tragedy, the story begins with the death of Lir's wife Aobh, leaving him to care for his four children Aodh, Conn, Fiachra and Fionnghuala. Lir decided to remarry, wedding the High King's daughter Aoife. However, jealous of her new husband's affection for his children over her, Aoife took the children to a lake and cast a spell on them, turning them into four elegant swans, and gloated that they would be imprisoned in that for for hundreds of years. Lir searched desperately for his children, only discovering them when one of his swans called out in his child's voice. He thus banished Aoife for refusing to undo her spell. Lir would remain beside the lake until he died. The swans roamed for hundreds of years until the curse expired one morning outside a monastery, transforming them into aged humans. A nearby monk, surprised by this sight, nevertheless decided to baptize them, whereafter they soon died of old age. 

About the Maker

Tracy Gilbert creates jewelry designs that are meticulously hand-crafted in Dublin with love of Irish roots, history & folklore. Tracy enjoys designing & making contemporary pieces of jewelry that capture the essence of Ireland’s Celtic past.
Her use of translucent materials and precious metals is a striking feature of her designs. This feature is Tracy’s attempt to capture the magic of the Winter Solstice sun as it shines through the Newgrange passage tomb to spectacular effect.

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