'Grá Mo Chroí' Celtic Wedding Ring - Gold or Silver

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About this Celtic Ring

This Celtic Wedding Ring is Inscribed with the words "Grá Mo Chroí" (love of my heart), as well as a Celtic Trinity Knot and the Salmon of Knowledge from Irish mythology. We offer Irish wedding bands in gold and silver for him and for her, so treat your loved one to a stunning handcrafted Celtic engagement ring from our collection. Available in different colours and sizes.

Ring pictured is 9k white gold. 6mm band.

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About the Celtic Trinity

The leaf-life trinity knot, or triquetra (from the Latin 'three-cornered), was used by early Christans to represent the Holy Trinity, though the symbol has its roots in earlier pre-Christian religions, possibly existing thousands of years beforehand. Being such as versatile symbol, the triquetra has countless interpretations - the number three was an important number in Celtic symbolism, so possible meanings also include the unity of the earth/sea/sky, the three stages of life, or various triple-deities.

It came to prominence during the period of 'insular art' in the early middle ages, which combined early Christian and Celtic art. Some of its most famous incarnations are found within the artwork of the Book of Kells. It was popularized again during the Celtic revival of the 19th Century.

About the Legend of the Salmon of Knowledge

This ancient tale is one of Ireland's most iconic myths from the Fenian cycle. It tells the story of a young Fionn McCumhaill, who was living and studying with the wise old poet Finnegas on the banks of the river Boyne. Finnegas spent much of his time fishing, hoping to one day catch the legendary salmon of knowledge, which would award worldly knowledge to the first person who ate it. He kept this secret from Fionn however, hoping to obtain this knowledge for himself. One fine day he caught an extraordinarily beautiful silvery fish, and he knew at once this was the fish of legend. Tired from his struggle to catch it, however, he ordered Fionn to cook it for him. While turning the fish over the fire, Fionn touched the skin and burned his finger, bringing it to his mouth to cool it down. When he later served the fish to Finnegas, the latter noticed something new in Fionn's eyes, as if some deep wisdom had taken hold of him...

Thus began the legend of Fionn McCumhaill, who would go on to become the leader of Na Fianna and Ireland's greatest warrior.

About the Maker
For over 40 years, Denis Murphy has honed his skills to become a master jewelry craftsman, running the gamut from personal handcrafting techniques to advanced laser technology which now allows more intricate detail never before possible.

He began his apprenticeship in 1972 and later set up 'Murphy Brothers Jewellers' in Santry, Co. Dublin. Eventually this paved the way to establishing Abana Jewellers in 2005 where he decided to focus primarily on wedding and engagement rings, creating artful personalized that none can compare with.