Annie Moore “Pioneering Spirit” Bronze Sculpture

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About this Piece

Annie Moore was the first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island in New York Harbour. She arrived, aged 15, on the steam-ship Nevada from Cobh (then known as Queenstown) in County Cork, with her two brothers Philip and Anthony, in 1888. In 1992 Jeanne Rynhart was commissioned to sculpt a life sized Sculpture of Annie Moore and her two brothers, which is now situated at the Cobh Heritage Centre. Jeanne has sculpted this keepsake in the likeness of her original statue. A life sized sister statue of Annie Moore is also situated on Ellis Island, New York.

Height: 180mm (small); 270mm (medium); 320mm (large)

About the Maker

Created by Jeanne Rynhart in 1981, Rynhart's bronze sculptures have been captivating people all over the world ever since. Each piece is individually handmade with delicate modelling, before a mold is made and the sculpture is cast in bronze. Finally, the piece is polished and finishing touches are added. 
Today the studio is run by Jeanne's daughter Audrey and her husband Les Elliot, who both manage the company from Glengarriff in West Cork.